Premium domains are of high value and privately owned. They are offered at a higher price than the charge of a normal domain name. You only pay for the high price once when registering the premium name. The renewal rate is the normal costs that are charged other domain names. Here are top tips on how you can manage your Discount Domains:

Renewing the domain name

The renewing of your domain name can be performed together with the renewing of the hosting account. The renewing of the domain name would be free if you have registered your domain name with SiteGround. You can also renew the domain name separately from the hosting account if you so wish. It is simple to renew the domain name, and all you need is to go to my accounts area and click on the Renewal button.

Changing of status

Once you get a premium domains name, you register it, and it is put under a status register-lock. This register-lock means that no transfer request is allowed for this domain. If you wish to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another, you are required to change the domain name status. Change the status from Register-lock to active. This can be done by:

  • Choose the active state.
  • Press the update button.

Changing the DNS settings

You can always see the DNS setting whenever you wish to. There are two simple steps if you need to modify the setting.

  • Fill in your new settings.
  • Click on the change button.

When changing the DNS setting, one needs to be very careful. Wrong DNS setting may lead you to not being in a position to access their website.

Changing of administrative contact information

When registering the domain name, provide valid contact information which includes your name, the organisation address, email address and phone contacts. All this information is accessible through the public domain, but you can hide it if you so wish. Changing of the contact information is easy, and all you need is to edit what you require changed and then click on the update button.

Finding of the EPP code

The EPP code is usually needed for domain transfer. The code is sent to you through the administrative email. The code is typically sent to you once you request for it.

Domain name passwords

Your password is important and should be a secret. Passwords are used to control domain name licenses as well as to control access to operations. The password should never be revealed to anyone or third parties. Let your password be your secret.

Password retrieval

The domain password is recovered by filling a password request form which includes the first name, email address, last name, and the domain name. After filling the form, you press the button retrieve the domain name password. The password is then emailed to the registered contact email address.

Alias email account

An alias email account allows you to point your email address to another email account. It is of great importance as it enables you to get all emails even after changing your email address. No one wants to miss any of their messages and thus the messages are redirected to the other email.

URL redirection

URL redirection allows you to point your domain name to any other web address that you would like.


Premium domains name contain relevant key phrases and keywords, and this makes them of high value. They are usually well established, and they have a higher rank page on search engines. Therefore, they attract more traffic, and this factor makes them come at a slightly higher price than the ordinary domain names. Premium domain names are thus worth it, and they can help your organisation grow faster and become more prominent. Domain International